Sunday, February 26, 2017

Modular Switching Layout - Part 1 Concept

N scale layout based on Model Railroader Milwaukee Road Beer Line Project.

This is presently a experiment and not sure if it will be complete at this time.

I have been interested in doing a modular switching layout for sometime now, been studying MR video and MR magazine article on this project.

Also been watching these video of Beer Line Layout build by a fellow in Russia. Link to his videos

Initial Modules to be build

(2) - 16 x 32
(2) - 16 x 64

Future Expansion modules, if I like this ideal.

(2) - 16 x 32

Track - Peco Code 55 with modified Kato unitrack roadbed at module joints for alignment similar to T-Trak. 

First draft plan.